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PFM Corp specialises in Logistics and Sensitive Freight services across Australia, delivering comprehensive end-to-end solutions in key regions nationwide.

Our company provides personalised and high-performance transportation services tailored to Sensitive Freight needs. From storage transportation to equipment relocation planning and warehousing freight logistics, PFM Corp offers innovative solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of businesses.

As a proud 100% Australian-owned company, PFM Corp operates nationally with warehouses and offices strategically located in all states. With a diverse fleet of modern tailgate vehicles servicing metropolitan areas including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Townsville, Launceston, and Darwin, we ensure reliable daily operations.

PFM Logistics provides industry-leading personalised and specialised transport solutions to our clients with sensitive and fragile freight needs.

We believe that our national transport service network is the way forward. Our owned and operated branches offer experience, innovative thinking and commitment to customer service, professionalism, quality, focus and safety.


We are the experts in Sensitive Freight.


We have a modern fleet of trucks across Australia, each designed to transport Sensitive Freight to commercial and residential sites. Our trucks feature hydraulic tailgates, air ride suspension, anti-skid floors, internal padded rub rails and mechanisms for keeping your fragile freight completely secure at all times.

Atlantis MoveSmart prides itself on maintaining a dynamic and adaptable organizational structure, allowing us to navigate the diverse spectrum of relocation needs seamlessly. Our approach caters to a broad spectrum of projects, ranging from modest and straightforward relocations to large-scale and intricately complex endeavours.

 We understand the critical importance of minimizing disruptions to our client's operations and maintaining top-notch customer service throughout the relocation process. By leveraging our extensive experience and flexible approach, we ensure that every relocation project receives the utmost attention to detail and professionalism regardless of scale.


Our commitment remains unwavering: to provide tailored solutions that exceed expectations and seamlessly address each client's unique requirements.

PFM Corp offers comprehensive services for commercial refrigeration maintenance, emphasizing cleanliness, branding, efficiency, and safety compliance.


Services include thorough cleaning and sanitation, precise decal application, expert shelving installation, electrical safety testing, and responsible decommissioning.


Choosing PFM Corp provides peace of mind, extends equipment life, improves efficiency, and ensures safety compliance.

Our extensive network of depots across the country offers both short and long-term storage solutions for Sensitive Freight. You can choose between standard pallet racking or bulk floor storage space tailored to your specific needs. Our warehouses are meticulously maintained and secure, equipped with CCTV surveillance and security measures at every site.

As the leading authority in Sensitive Freight in Australia, we take care of all aspects of warehousing operations. This includes container management, pallet consolidation, specialized packing, stocktake, calibration services, and the secure storage of high-value equipment.


With our expertise, your sensitive cargo is in safe hands throughout its storage journey.

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