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Atlantis Move Smart maintains a flexible organisational structure. This allows us to perform the full spectrum of Commercial Relocations, from relatively straightforward smaller projects through to major scale complex moves. So regardless of size we are practiced at delivering efficiency and asset protection to any Commercial Relocation process, with minimal disruption to our client’s operations and customer service.

We ‘move smart’ by minimising risk and being pre-emptive to important issues such as:

Our specially designed fleet of vehicles, equipment and highly trained staff are experts at handling sensitive freight and  commercial relocations no matter the size or scope. 

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind the quality and success associated with Atlantis.


That’s why Atlantis Move Smart has provided ‘smart moves’ to more than 80% of Australia’s top 100 companies

  • It’s a system designed to empower you to manually manage assets and maintain a secure inventory while also enabling you to view all relevant maintenance, replacement or new purchase costs involved.

    Another benefit of our solution is standardised data entry and improved data integrity. Using this web based system we can configure a solution to meet your unique requirements.

    Our Asset Tracking System

    Atlantis MoveSmart offers a web based Asset Management System that details the location, quantity, type and condition of each article or asset.

    We document your asset with an individual photograph (if required) and barcode the item. Once the information about the asset is captured it is uploaded onto a secure online portal where our customers can, at any time, log on and view or track their assets. We are able to provide differing levels of access to the portal to meet the requirements of your business and accountability levels.

  • Business Continuity Principles

    It’s a system designed to empower you to manually manage assets and maintain a secure inventory while also enabling you to view all relevant maintenance, replacement or new purchase costs involved.

    Another benefit of our solution is standardised data entry and improved data integrity. Using this web based system we can configure a solution to meet your unique requirements.

    Learn the principles behind continuity planning strategies and risk calculation. Atlantis MoveSmart remains a leader in relocation strategy through its continually evolving strategies for providing business stability.

    To establish the likelihood of any associated risks involved with your relocation it is crucial our team gains a complete understanding of the way your business operates. This puts disaster planning in perspective, ensuring a resolution will minimise the impact of interruptions in your working environment. We focus our expertise on maintaining consistency and continuation of productivity for your business.

  • In addition to providing improved productivity, relocation efficiencies and culling processes, our goal is to achieve audit capability during all stages of your relocation. Innovative thought processes drive solutions that will flow through directly to your bottom line.

    Companies rely on Atlantis MoveSmart expertise and experience to manage the culling processes. If required, we can provide secure on-site destruction services – maintaining audit trails and accountability.

    Effective Audit Management

    Atlantis MoveSmart access new and efficient file and audit management methods for your workplace. By understanding your requirements and the way your people use and store documentation we tailor the perfect solution for your business. We consider not just physical quantities but also your requirements for access, storage and the relevant legislative requirements.

    The Atlantis MoveSmart approach provides an efficient and cost effective solution that minimises the need to utilise expensive real estate for storage purposes. Using a series of detailed reports and site assessments, Atlantis MoveSmart delivers new and efficient document management methods to your workplace.

  • Every project is unique and so our service is therefore personalised. Every project has specialist project managers assigned for the duration. All of our FF&E staff are trade qualified, experienced in various and specific requirements of FF&E applications.

    Another part of our FF&E offering is that we utilise our own specialist equipment and vehicles.

    Specialised Furniture, Fittings & Equipment Management

    Our FF&E Division provides services for the receipt, storage, staging and delivery of FF&E resources included in all major hotel, resort, hospital and commercial fit-outs.

    Our national network allows service to multiple projects across Australia. Atlantis has established a reputation for quality project management. Part of this high standard is delivery within required timelines, for which we are also recognised.

  • Years of experience has allowed Atlantis MoveSmart to have the right skill set, methodology and specialist equipment to execute a range of specialist relocations with efficiency and safety.

    It requires innovative solutions to meet the relocation challenges of many industries. We also possess the skill set and equipment to offer other industry specific solutions such as:

    • Purchase planning

    • Supplier research

    • Value analysis

    • Financing

    • Price negotiation

    • Purchase

    • Inventory management service

    • Quality control

    We can arrange to have an on-site team oversee your everyday communications and an off-site team to deliver access to category and propose market strategies.

    Procurement Processes:

    Procurement process tools plus market knowledge equals effective management of your costs. Atlantis MoveSmart delivers substantial value to organisations through our procurement management service.

    Too many Australian companies, without the tools and knowledge to manage their costs effectively, are losing thousands of dollars every year. Talk to Atlantis MoveSmart about our strategic alliances, Third Party Logistics (3PL) and processes relating to FF&E.

  • Atlantis MoveSmart is an expert in building relocation strategies that are efficient and effective. Working with us to help us understand the scope of your business structure is easier that you might think. From there we determine an effective planning method that factors in strategies to ensure a high level of staff morale. It’s our job to initiate involvement between all entities during the entire relocation process.

    Experience tells us that strategic plans sometimes need adjusting during a relocation operation. Therefore our project managers will ensure both the logistical and the human elements are managed together. We reassure and assist your staff to the cultural and environmental changes with information in the form of documentation and electronic staff communications.

    For your relocation to be efficient we look to initiate rapid involvement within your organisation. We offer a pathway to a collaborative partnership whereby our experience and methodology can be quickly infused into your business. Effective collaboration has become part of what sets Atlantis MoveSmart apart.

    Our partnership philosophy extends to other support services we offer around the relocation process. Today Atlantis MoveSmart has a focus on fulfilling all your objectives connected with change in your organisation. When you desire change, we have the ability to make it happen.


    Strategists work with you collaboratively at every stage of relocation and deliver effective planning with a high level of staff morale.


    High-level expertise and planning capability comes from vast experience with relocating companies in industries as varied as retail, hospitality, education, warehouse, finance, medical, technology and government.

    Our capabilities stem from Atlantis MoveSmart being trusted to perform some of the largest commercial relocations ever seen in this country.

    From strategic analysis through to evaluation and handover, it’s experience that is the crucial element applied to all five stages of your relocation. In recent years we’ve expanded our support for businesses, to include services required long before and after the actual relocation.

    All the services Atlantis MoveSmart offers are geared towards helping organisations facilitate change and relocation has always been our core business. We understand no two relocations are the same, yet whatever the reason for your move, we are the first choice for expert help in;

    • Expansion, contraction, restructure,

    • Divestment

    • Lease expiry

    • Refurbishment, enhancements

    • A change in the nature of your business

    Ask us how we make it a seamless and stress-free process that saves you both time and money.

  • The most important step in risk management is to choose an experienced company who will have trained personnel and risk avoidance methods that ensure there is minimal interruptions to your business, however complex the relocation.

    We are trained in risk management

    Assessing and managing risks in the relocation process is not just about OH&S, it’s also about protecting your ability to remain operational.

    In practice, any relocation process can be a complex task and something that has the potential to cause serious impact to your workplace, if not managed or prepared correctly. We place an emphasis on the health and safety of our staff, as well as that of our clients. Our current company policy and procedures follow the basic framework of operational and risk management. The key components of this framework include strategic and operational management, operational planning, OH&S, process improvement, operational equipment and performance monitoring.

    • Cartons

    • Bubble wrap

    • Plastic wrap

    • Strapping and more


    The use of our Asset Management System enables a quick and accurate inventory to be provided.

    Packaging materials for storage available for purchase

    Atlantis MoveSmart provides temporary, short term or long term storage facilities in all six of our state/territory offices.

    • Store workplace or personal belongings

    • As much or as little space as you need at every one of our locations.

    • Talk to us about transportation of your belongings to and from our warehouses, safely and securely.

    • Call now to ask about access to your possessions whilst in storage.

  • The advantages of the 3PL model are that goods only arrive on site when they are required and therefore you do not need to find suitable secure storage for them. This also minimises the risk of damage, loss or misappropriation of your new FF&E

    3PL Advantages

    Using our strategic alliances we leverage established procurement channels and logistics strategies to provide maximum benefit to our clients.

    Under the 3PL model we can purchase, collect, store, deliver and place or install all forms of FF&E ensuring that goods arrive on site as they are required. Our flexibility allows you to decide which parts of the model best suit your project and we can then tailor a solution specific to your requirements.

    We currently provide a range of Third Party Logistics (3PL) services to a number of our clients nationwide, including acting as the FF&E coordinator for the fit out of the new Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.


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