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We have a regular line haul for sensitive freight on the eastern seaboard using state-of-the-art air-ride equipment with tailgate hoists and equipment necessary to transport delicate goods safely.

Many sites require the coordination and implementation of heavy lift cranes or lift cranes for access. We also have high capacity electric stair climbers for sites without access to lifts or constraints with cranes.

The transport management system allows for all vehicles and jobs to be carefully monitored for a particular day. Updates are easily made, and extra operational problems can be rectified. The customer is immediately notified of any issues affecting their pick-up or delivery times. All jobs can receive confirmation from the site via email, fax or mobile. GPS satellite monitoring of local and line haul and sensitive freight services is also available.


PFM Logistics provides safe material handling equipment for our operatives, which include:

  • Pallet lifters ranging from 1500kg – 2000kg capacity

  • Hydraulic tail-lifts ranging from 500kg – 2000kg capacity. 3000kg tailgates in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

  • Heavy duty lift equipment

  • Compact lifters

  • Roll bar and black sets

  • Flat and heavy duty trolleys

  • Stair walkers


All our operatives are trained in the use of all lifting equipment and mechanicals under their control.

Special attention is given to your sensitive freights and large capacity equipment. We also have specific procedures in the way we pack, handle, transport, unpack and place all our clients’ consignments, equipment, machinery and effects.


Increasing numbers of sites require special attention to floors, edges and, in some cases, walls. Where applicable, we can provide appropriate ply or aluminium sheeting for floor and wall requirements and heavy-duty cardboard / plastic cornices for edge protection requirements.

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