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To complement the transportation of office equipment, PFM Logistics offers a range of services that provide convenience, cost, time-saving benefits, and flexibility.

Our fully trained and qualified staff can run up new machines for delivery and installation on your premises or ours. Machines can be tested and prepared for delivery. We can provide your clients with on-site assembly, installation, testing and training. Our staff can also be deployed to other sites to assist with large rollouts and installations.

We have a large fleet of modern tailgate vehicles operating on a daily basis in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Townsville, Launceston and Darwin metropolitan areas.

  • Footprint

  • End-to-End Solution

  • Customer Centric

  • Innovation

  • Technical Resources

  • Ethics and Integrity


With over a decade of operational value, we are proud of our company, and believe in achieving our goals in alignment with your mission.

PRINT is one of PFM’s top tier segments. In today's competitive print market there is an ongoing pressure applied to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) to keep up to technological developments, continually provide research and development (RND) and to deliver a remunerative line of products to end users.

We are proactive in understanding YOUR demand in the Print Industry. With consolidation -PFM can provide Transport, Warehouse & IT Services solutions tailored to your business model.

  • Federal Government –national deployment under functional management of client involving warehousing, run-ups, deployments, installations through to disposal of over 3000 devices

  • Major Bank –Branch Printer refresh across 800 branches nationally, under functional management of client involving staging of Printing devices through to deployments, collection of legacy equipment and disposal

  • All devices and peripherals undergo meticulous process from commissioning to Functionality testing during Run-up process

  • Configure networkable equipment in a timely manner with minimum disruptions to network traffic

  • Networkable devices can be pre-configured during Run Up, staging it for Plug n Play installation

  • In house End-User training is often overlooked or ineffective due to knowledge gaps or training deficiencies

  • PFM can provide effective End-User training using our skilled technicians to help your organisation successfully transition to new technology

  • New copiers are not always better then a refurbished used copier when you compare newer device capabilities and price

  • PFM can refurbish your device in our workshop which allows more time for your technicians to be infield supporting high-level call outs

  • The care and servicing of your multifunction device by our engineers also ensures longevity and continual use of your equipment

  • No hassle office equipment relocations from a small office up to an entire office building

  • I.T peripherals from Server Racks down to Keyboard and a Mouse

  • Connect, Discount, Cable Management, Equipment refresh and Auditing

  • We ensure a seamless process for you and your team

  • No move too small or too big!

  • PFM can install Licensed version of OEM and 3rd Party software that bundles with Computer and Print hardware

  • PFM can install software solutions onto client workstations and servers

  • PFM can install Licensed version of OEM and 3rd Party software that bundles with Computer and Print hardware

  • PFM can install software solutions onto client workstations and servers

  • PFM can assist your service department during the busy period or on large projects, with our competent and skilled technical staff at your command you can comfortably meet your service deliverables with no impact to other workflow

  • Utilise our experience staff in your workshop for any overflow task and duties

  • Deploy our infield engineers for large rollouts

  • Prevent costly data leakage and avoid risking sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

  • Due to end-user demands and production limitations regarding high volume, device configuration can be incomplete but yet operable. These missing components deemed as Back Order stock can be fitted onsite after device has been installed

  • Qualified engineers engaged to fit and test all back order components


Upon receipt of a consignment of goods for storage, all items are verified against the customer’s information and instructions. During the verification process, a dilapidation report is compiled and forwarded to the client immediately for confirmation.


A storage manifest is then created which contains additional details such as pick-up and delivery details and our inventory control log indicates space, location and requirements associated within the warehouse. As certain milestones are reached, i.e. site readiness, a confirmation fax / email is sent to the client outlining the consignment details, uplift date etc. in readiness for delivery to site.


“In the business world, good customer service can often be:

  1. Hard to find

  2. It isn’t good enough or consistent enough.

Internal and external customers are becoming increasingly disenchanted with merely adequate service. At our company, extraordinary service is the rule, not the exception. The level of service we deliver our clients, in turn, mandates an equal commitment via our suppliers – the PFM business matrix meets these required standout service standards on a daily basis. PFM undertake various services for us, including logistics, warehousing and new equipment run-up/installation. As a service-based company, we appreciate that the road to superior service levels is not without its hiccups along the way.

PFM don’t pretend these hiccups won’t or don’t occur; instead, they have made them a part of the journey by acknowledging them, analysing the causes, engaging with client and documenting the improved processes whilst recommitting to maintaining the highest service levels. It is this shared commitment to customer service, along with the PFM’s investment in time and training, that maintains these high-performance standards. Via our joint commitment to achieving the highest levels of customer service, PFM and ourselves have ensured that both internal and external client’s needs are met from the beginning to the end of the sales process, thus making the customers purchasing experience memorable and enjoyable.

I would have no hesitation in recommending PFM to any company looking for a service provider that delivers on its promise.”

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